Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all of you who have stuck with me this year:  Happy Thanksgiving!

If you are writing and exploring self-publishing, I hope that this blog has been of some use to you.  I've made mistakes, I've made progress, and I've had set backs.  It is my hope that chronicling those here helps you to avoid my mistakes and gives you a leg up on publishing your own work.

As the holidays have approached I've fallen a bit behind on my posting here.  I apologize for that.

So for Thanksgiving holiday people have a wide range of traditions they practice as friends and family gather for the holiday meals. 

What are some of your favorite customs for this holiday?   Please comment and share below.  If you have a favorite receipe you wish to share with everyone, feel free to do so.

I wish a wonderful holiday season for you all.


I have a lot going on with the books I'm developing and projects getting ready to launch.  I hope you'll stick with me through the coming months.  I know its going to be exciting!

What is going on, you ask?

Well, Comet over Echo Rock is going to get it's KickStarter in a few weeks.  Art is currently running late and play testing hasn't begun second phase yet (my fault on that).  I'll be typing up the next play test version next week and will get that to play testers soon thereafter.  My goal is to have that book fully formatted, or very nearly so, by the time I launch the KickStarter campaign.  This will help with getting the fulfillment done quickly and smoothly.

Several other titles are in the works.  2018 will be a very busy year filled with new books and grand adventure.

One project that will be ongoing, is the continued effort to fund and develop my samurai comic book, 47 Furious Tails.  That title will see crowdfunding efforts to pay for art costs and print run.
This project is particularly important for me as an entry into comic books, and a validation of my capability to produce a high quality comic.  Wish me luck, share the links to the crowdfunding pages (please!), and enjoy this title.  Its going to be beautiful.

You can donate to 47 Furious Tails, Issue One:   HERE