Monday, May 14, 2018

"The Steel Road" ~ A look into a weapon of Africa

Work on The Steel Road, has been progressing nicely.

To give you a bit of insider information on this project, let me tell you that I'm presently formatting the text into the book's file.  What this means, is that in a few days time it will be ready for editing, and then final corrections before it's ready for release.

Yes, we're that far along!

As you've likely heard I'm launching a KickStarter campaign to cover the costs on this project.   That KickStarter campaign is less than two weeks away (based on my present projections).  I'll be announcing the launch date in few days, once I finalize it.

But that isn't why you're here.  Nope you're here a look at the weapons we've been hinting at for so long. So let's take a look at one of the weapons you'll see on the KickStarter campaign.

From out of Africa,  the Akrafena 

The Akrafena
Prized sword of the Ashanti (among others)
Page from the "The Steel Road"
Art by: Zachary Viola
Copyright(c) 2018 All rights reserved

This is an example of how the book is going to look.  

We are cleaning up the art layer this week. 
The book will be done before the KickStarter campaign is over.

A lot of work has gone into The Steel Road.   One hundred weapon illustrations (50 exotic weapons and 50 enchanted "Legendary" versions) took a lot of time to create.  

I want to thank Zachary Viola for his long hours sketching over the last ten months, which has brought us to the point where we are readying the KickStarter campaign!  Zack, you are awesome!


I hope you will help support The Steel Road by sharing this post with others through social media, and by supporting the kickstarter and sharing it's links.

I do want to thank all of you who have been following my adventure into game design, writing, and self-publishing.  I do hope this blog helps you to avoid the mistakes I make, and inspires you to create the games, books, and art of your dreams.

I hope you'll join me against next time!


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