47 Furious Tails

Illustration by Alex Tora
Creative commons

Japan, early 18th Century

Lord Asano Naganori of Ako dies by seppuku in Edo.  Among his samurai, 47 loyal retainers swear to avenge their lord.

Today the memory of those 47 ronin lives on in the monuments and relics of their tale.

The armor of lord Asano, statues of Oishi Yosio, and the well tended tombs of Asano and his loyal 47 retainers stand as a testament to their devotion and a reminder of the the beauty of the samurai traditions.

Now Sinopa Publishing is paying tribute to the memory of those 47 samurai, who became ronin, and defied the order of the shogunate to avenge their master.

Based on historic and literary accounts of the Ako Incident

With characters depicted from the animal kingdom

47 Furious Tails, is the best samurai action comic you haven't read yet!

Beautifully illustrated by Alexia Veldhuisen

47 Furious Tails is a masterpiece of art done in honor of the ancient style of period.

Issue one begins before lord Asano's final trip to Edo

Introducing the principle characters of this classic tale.

Experience the lives of these characters before they became legends.

Experience this legendary epic from history anew, as W.S. Quinton and Alexia Veldhuisen bring the story of the 47 to life again!

47 Furious Tails
Coming soon to KickStarter, Fall of 2018!


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