Tarot Adventure Book One: The Draw of Glenfallow

Cover by Rebecca Elisbet Coulthart

The first book in the Tarot Adventure series:  Available on Drivethrurpg.com!

Sometimes a man's destiny can change as quickly as the drawing of a card.

Pieron is an honest man.  A commoner who was looking for work and found none.  His money stolen, he made to move on, to leave the city he had hoped would offer him work.  Instead he found a strange woman, a deck of cards, and his fate forever changed.

The Keep at Glenfallow fell to monsters long ago.  Now a new lord is on his way to vanquish the evil that still lies there.

Can you take up the cause to aid Pieron, the new lord of Glenfallow, in driving out evil? Will you lend your steel, strength and courage to a good man?

It will take strong will, deadly skills, and uncommon courage to prevail.  Will you aid the newly minted lord in his bid to claim his birthright?

Will your fortunes change as quickly as the Draw of Glenfallow?

Goblin Chief by Christian Martinez
With art that will capture your gaze, setting portability, DM tools to aid you in running your game, and solid design of the storyline, this adventure is a joy to run and play in.
Art by Anthony Ojeda
Confront monstrous foes, liberate a plundered land, and install the new lord.  Are you and your friends the heroes for the job?  Can you deal with the monsters who lair in Glenfallow?
Art by: Brian Lee

The Draw of Glenfallow: an adventure for the 5th edition OGL game mechanic
Designed for 3 to 6 player characters of 1st to 3rd level of ability.
Written by: W.S. Quinton
Cover by: Rebecca Elisbet Coulthart
Interior Art by: Rebecca Elisbet CoulthartBrian Lee, Christian Martinez,
                         Phoenix O'Faery Anthony Ojeda, and James Lee

Cartography by: James Lee
Page count:  51

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Published by: Sinopa Publishing LLC
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Art by: Rebecca Elisbet Coulthart
Illustrated by very talented artists, this book is a treat for the eyes.

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