Thursday, December 7, 2017

The next turn of the cards... the Adventure continues in Comet over Echo Rock

Cover art by Brian Lee
Lettering by James Lee

Update (January 14th, 2018):  
The Tarot Adventures, Book Two: Comet over Echo Rock funded in just under 4 hours last night!
I want to thank all the backers who came out right at launch, hung out and listened to me babble during the live stream, and generally made it a fantastic night.  
You people were awesome!

 Link to the KickStarter Page:   

The Tarot Adventures began with the Draw of Glenfallow.   Pieron changed his destiny and the fate of the world itself is being rewritten.

Now the next turn of the cards is on the table.  The Comet is drawn and appears over the Echo Rock silver mine.

The Echo Rock Silver Mine by Christian Martinez
Pieron's rule in Glenfallow has begun.  The squalor and devastation of the goblin occupation is being swept away as settlers arrive to build farms, homes, and new lives.  The Temple of the Sun is being rebuilt thanks to the efforts of a young priestess and an elder monk.

In the northern mountains dark forces continue their depravity.

Dwarves have arrived to re-open the lost Echo Rock silver mine.  They are met with monstrous violence.  Now they bury their dead in the shadows of the northern mountains, and look to Pieron for aid.

Hobgoblins and a Goblin Sorcerer: by Jake Ochoa

In the dark caverns of the mine dwell viscous monsters thirsty for fresh blood.

Rats of Unusual Size by: Alexia Veldhuisen

Echo Rock is rife with peril.  It will take courage, iron will, strength of arms, and perhaps a bit of magic to overcome the dangers lurking in the mine.

A giant Snake by:  Kelsy Cowan

The challenge lies before you.

Can you triumph where all others have failed?  Can you brave the monsters of the mountains, rid Echo Rock of its terrifying occupants, and take revenge for murdered dwarves?

Dwarves burying their dead by: Kelsy Cowan

There is glory to be seized, political clout to be had, and treasures to be won.  You must be brave enough to face the perils of the mountains, skilled enough to do battle with the monsters of the mine, and lucky enough to survive.

Raise Pieron's banner, restore the mine to the dwarves, and the comet will fly over Echo Rock.

Cover by: Brian Lee

Tarot Adventures, Book Two:  Comet over Echo Rock

The second book in the Tarot Adventures series will see its KickStarter launch in January (date coming soon).  I will be conducting a live streaming of the KickStarter launch party where I'll be taking questions about the Tarot Adventures series, hearing from folks who supported Tarot Adventures, Book One: The Draw of Glenfallow, and generally having a good time as we launch this campaign.

Check out The Draw of Glenfallow KickStarter campaign for post release updates and comments from backers who have or are playing through that book to see what they are saying about the book that launched the series.

A real Ogre by: Alexia Veldhuisen

The Tarot Adventures are planned to include 22 unique adventure modules, published through the coming years, with each adventure themed after a card of the major arcana of the classic Tarot deck.
These adventures are setting neutral, allowing them to be placed into any fantasy campaign.  Come with us as we explore the story that starts with one common man who took a chance to change his destiny.

Tarot Adventures, Book Two:  Comet over Echo Rock with be funded through crowdfunding efforts on KickStarter and Indiegogo. These two campaigns are to be launched together, to expand the audience for this book.  A portion of all contributions are paid to contributing artists.

ALL artists working on this project are freelancers and you can find their information and more samples of their works on the artists biography pages linked to this blog.  Sinopa Publishing LLC pays all artists for their contributions based upon the contracts negotiated for such work.  We do NOT pay in "experience" or "exposure" as "experience" won't pay for groceries and people die from "exposure". 

We are funding this project though the following:





Art for Tarot Adventures, Book Two: Comet over Echo Rock, was contributed by the following artists:  (click on the links below to see their biography pages)

Nick Caponi
Kelsy Cowan
Brian Lee
James Lee
Christian Martinez
Jacob Ochoa
Alexia Veldhuisen

If you want your work to be seen in titles by Sinopa Publishing LLC then send a message to our Facebook page or by email to: .  Please include an online reference to your work and your commission rates.  Samples will NOT be used other than as a benchmark measure for your capabilities. Attention to details provided, timely meeting of deadlines, and high quality work are expected. Sinopa Publishing LLC does NOT release images without contract to do so. Only submit your own work.

Bloggers and Podcasters:

Do you want to do a piece on the Tarot Series, build community, cross promote, and get an early start on writing/speaking about this series?  If so, then comment below and reach out to me.  I share crowdfunding projects on my social media (cool ones I believe in) and I appreciate those who do the same.  I also do interviews on pod casts (I actually really enjoy doing that), so hit me up and we can talk for a segment.  I'll share the link to my social media and we'll work to build your audience and mine at the same time.


Email list sellers, "marketing" services, and other scammers .... you folks need not bother.  I don't buy email lists, I don't hire "marketing" firms, and if you use words like "guaranteed" or other such nonsense in your pitch, I don't want to hear from you.  Sinopa Publishing is building its audience by word of mouth and by the rarely done social media advertising post.  I appear on podcasts and provide information for bloggers to use on their sites.  I believe in building community, and fleecing people out of money is not part of that plan.  Our community is what helps us grow.  I also promote other KickStarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe campaigns to support people I've built those relationships with.  And, NO, I will not recommend you to them either.  We DO NOT engage in unsolicited email campaigns, the sale or purchase of email addresses, or marketing gimmicks.  Do NOT offer me money for my audience's email addresses. I will NOT sell them to you.  You are now duly advised.  Any communication contrary to the letter or spirit of this notice will result in litigation.


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