Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Blood, Pain, and Power: Stygian Necromancy

In the history of the practice of magic there have often been those who bent their powers to evil.  Many a wizard has delved into the necromantic arts to garner power over death and the undead.  Their crimes mar the centuries in blood, suffering, and tragedy. The sum of their sins pales in comparison, to the horrors perpetrated by the Necromancer.

The Necromancer was a master of the darkest arts of magic.  By dint of power he possessed, he attracted followers of the most fearsome sort.  Among his followers the most powerful, and feared, were the Acolytes of Death.  These thirteen magicians were masters of the arts of necromancy and murder. They lent their power to the Necromancer's darkest and most secret rituals.  Through these rituals the Necromancer bought secrets of the arts of death and magic with the blood of his victims.  Those fell secrets, dreadful arts of the magic of death and souls, elevated the Necromancer and his Acolytes to new heights of power.

The Necromancer would go on to assemble a blasphemous tome of the darkest arts, which he used to instruct his followers.  This book, "Whispers of Persephone", contains secrets of the dark arts that had never before been known to mortals.

Among the secrets possessed by these practitioners of the darkest arts were the secrets of ritual sacrifice.  Through blood and pain, these magicians were able to enhance their power and become even more dreadful. Their path to power, paved in the suffering of their victims, drove them to commit unspeakable acts.

Curses upon those who seek the power of this tradition, and woe be unto those who fall victim to its adherents!


Whispers of Persephone is a rpg source book and spellbook detailing the arcane tradition of Stygian Necromancy.  Illustrated by the remarkable Christian Martinez to be dark and beautiful, this book is a great resource for your campaign and looks great in your collection.  Whether used by players or against player characters, Whispers of Persephone is book for any campaign that wants their dark arts to be DARK again!

Coming to KickStarter Summer of 2018!

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