Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Steel Road, Pathfinder, and the New Pathfinder 2

Bakuba the dagger of the Nobility
From: The Steel Road
Artist: Zachary Viola

When development for The Steel Road began it was decided to release it in two editions.  The first edition for the 5th edition rules set under the Open Game License (SRD5.1) and the second as a Pathfinder compatible version.

However, since planning was completed and work began a new version of Pathfinder was announced.  You may have seen the new Pathfinder Playtest page already.  Personally, I think it is a really cool idea.  But with a new version of Pathfinder on the horizon, it doesn't make much sense to me to release a version of The Steel Road for the current edition.  To this end I have spoken with Zachary Viola, and it has been decided that a Pathfinder compatible version will be put off until after the release of the new Pathfinder Edition.

You may be asking "WHY?"

While I am in business to create books, it is important to me that I conduct business in a manner that is responsible not just to myself and the artists whom I commission art from, but also in a manner that is in best faith with my audience.  It seems irresponsible for me to release a book knowing that it's playable lifespan could expire with the coming edition (which seems likely), and in just a few months time. For business reasons it doesn't make sense and for my own ethics regarding my audience it doesn't make sense to release a Pathfinder compatible version at this time.

I hope all of you who were looking forward to the Pathfinder compatible version understand this decision, and will join me in looking forward to the new Pathfinder edition and the wealth of new books that will certainly be created in response to its release.


In the meantime, I've been doing some initial formatting of the rough draft for The Steel Road.

Putting down the art layer The Steel Road
Art by Zachary Viola

I intend to complete that draft so as to have a proof copy in-hand when we launch the KickStarter campaign.  That will permit me the luxury of having a hard copy in hand to note any problems, as well as to give me a feel for the book.  It will also be good for the KickStarter campaign for people to be able to see what has been done already.  That campaign will have a pretty rapid turn around time from the point the funding comes in to the fulfillment, so it is important that people see how far along the development is.

Image capture of the art layer for the
Legendary Knobkierie
Art by: Zachary Viola

If you're interested in the 5th Edition version of this unique book, I invite you to follow me on KickStarter to receive notification of that campaign's launch, or continue to watch this blog for the launch date announcement.   As was announced previously, the PDF and Print On Demand code will be packaged together for early backers for only $8 (USD) for the first three days.

Thank you all!

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