Thursday, June 21, 2018

From the Godsfall Twitter feed: A podcast I've enjoyed

Built a little link into this image as blogger isn't liking the gofundme widget

Quick disclaimer:  I don't know these guys, but I think the podcast is cool.  I haven't listened to all of them but the ones I have listened to I liked.


Okay, being homeless for any length of time sucks.  I know several of you who have read my blog have posted about overcoming homelessness yourselves and I've known first hand what sleeping in your car is like (enough about that). 

If you're a fan of these folks and can help by contributing, please do.  If you think people shouldn't have to sleep on the street or in their car but can't contribute, please do share this on social media channels to help raise awareness. 

Lets rally the community for one of our own, and help get Doug into a new place as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time everyone!!!


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  1. I want to thank all of you who have supported this gofundme by donating and/or by sharing the link with other people.

    I'm told Doug is staying at a friends house for the moment, and you can see on the video that is now on the gofundme page the impact this amazing level of support has wrought.

    Thank you all


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