Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ending soon on Kickstarter: Don't miss these

Something a little different this morning.

I was looking at different projects on KickStarter, seeing what is new and marveling at the creativity on display, and saw some projects that are ending soon and could use a bit of attention.  These are projects that, as of this writing, haven't funded yet but look very interesting to me.  Check them out, support them if you like them and can.

Please remember, that even if you can't support a campaign financially, you can make a great impact by sharing the link on social media platforms.  A single share can reach hundreds or more people and introduce them to new things to enjoy.

(Disclaimer:  I haven't spoken to these creators.  I will share the link to this blog with them after it goes live, so they know their project was mentioned here. These are projects I think are cool and I wanted to give them a little help. I do not accept payment for endorsement, reviews, or hosting the link in the featured crowdfunding spot on my blogs.)

L'gat's Tome of Amazing Creatures, Volume 2

I have a lot of respect for anyone taking on the work load that a trilogy of books entails.  The creator really nailed the backer rewards for this project and I particularly like the $20 reward tier ~ Knight Errant of the Sacred Flame.  As of this writing this project is only $125 (USD) away from funding and has 14 hours remaining. (Ends August 30th just before Midnight EST)

Bloody Handed Name of Bronze by Joshua Newman

This unique, ambitious project is unlike anything else I've seen this year.  The art displayed on the page really points to the primitive setting motif.  Its interesting, has a great potential for roleplay of classical myths, and comes from Joshua Newman (of Mobile Frame Zero and Human Contact). As of this writing the campaign is $527 (USD) from funding with 14 hours remaining.
(Ends August 30th just before Midnight EST)

Odie #2

I like comics and there are great comics that were made possible through KickStarter.
Odie looks really good and I lament that I missed the first issue, but that's okay because I can get digital of Issues one and two from this campaign.  As of this writing, the campaign is $404 (USD) away from funding and has five days remaining (ending September 4th). 

The art for Odie looks really good from what I've seen of the campaign, so check this out and see if it would look good in your collection.

Thanks for joining me for this atypical entry.  I hope those of you planning your own crowdfunding campaigns will take a careful look at the different styles of these campaigns. Take note of what works for you and what doesn't and remember those features when you launch your own campaign.

Until next time.

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