Friday, September 21, 2018

I write a little fan fiction ~ fun and a great writing exercise

Black cover edition of
Whispers of Persephone
Lettering by: Christian Martinez
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Just like the title says, I happen to write a bit of fan fiction.  I don't claim to be good at it, but I do claim that it helps me to hone my craft.  Fan fiction provides an outlet for stories I'm interested in, while at the same giving me much needed practice as a writer.  If you need further convincing, I would also point out that fan fiction is a great form of content that allows you to connect with elements of your audience.  Give a little bit of yourself, paint a picture with words and be grateful to your audience for enjoying it.

I find that writing a series of stories is very useful, as it compels me to keep producing content for the readers who have become invested in the story.  It also allows me to explore the characters I've introduced in an effort to make them seem more lifelike. I can build and evolve the characters, stripping away subtle layers so that the reader gets to know the character more intimately in much the same way that people discover new things about friends and lovers as those relationships evolve.

Whether you are writing comic books, RPG material, children's books, or are a novelist yourself already, I firmly believe that committing yourself to producing is a great way to exercise your skill set. Give it a try, spin a yarn, tell a tale, write a little something that would be entertaining for you to read.  Enjoy the writing, and hone your skills at the same time.

My fan fiction is told as a fictionalized account of old Shadowrun adventures from a campaign I played in for years.  My latest story arc was the "Operation Emerald" tale, and occurs in Djibouti.  It was broken into chapters/entries for ease of reading.  The beginning of Operation Emerald 

So if you are developing titles, designing games, producing comics, or writing novels I recommend writing a little fiction (fanfic or otherwise) as a way to keep your work flow moving, to combat writer's block, and to provide your audience with a regular treat.  People read your work because they enjoy it, so spread the joy around.

Now, a moment for something really important about the son of a friend of mine.

A few words about Coleson.  He was born very premature, to a mother who did everything she was supposed to in order to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.  He has endured surgery, and continues to improve after months in the hospital.  He will, hopefully, be going home in the coming weeks.  This GoFundMe was set up to help his parents obtain some things they still need for him.
Contribute if you can, and please do share this with others.

Thank you for joining me on my adventure into game design, writing and self-publishing.  I hope this blog will help you to avoid the mistakes I have made along the way and I hope you'll join me next time!

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