Tale of the Wizard's Eye

                                                Cover Art by: Phoenix O'Faery

The writings of a dead paladin record the legend of the ruined city of Pintlas.  Once home to the wizard Salen, Pintlas was abandoned when flooding changed the course of the river, leaving the city underwater.  Salen is said to have escaped the disaster, but was forced to leave his most treasured possession, a powerful magical orb, as he fled for his life.

In the centuries since Pintlas was lost, the surrounding forest has grown dark with menace. Now the Howling Forest erupts each night with the howls of the dying and the blood curdling cries of the damned.  Dark creatures haunt the night, stalking man and beast alike.

Meanwhile, in drowned Pintlas, something stirs under the waters.

Will you brave the terror of the Howling Forest? Do you dare to explore the drowned city?

If you dare, if you survive, then you can tell the tale of the Wizard's Eye!

Art by: Rebecca Elisabet Coulthart
Best Selling RPGs - Available Now @ DriveThruRPG.com Tale of the Wizard's Eye: an adventure for the 5th edition OGL game mechanic
Designed for 3 to 6 player characters of 6th to 9th level of ability.

Released: July 29th, 2017
Available through DriveThruRPG.com in print and digital formats.
You can order your copy:  HERE

Written by: W.S. Quinton
Cover by: Phoenix O'Faery (front) and Brian Lee (back)
Interior Art by: Rebecca Elisbet Coulthart, Brian Lee, Phoenix O'Faery
                         and Zachary Viola
Cartography by: James Lee and Phoenix O'Faery
Typography by:  W.S. Quinton
Layout by: James Lee

With Design Contributions by: James Lee and Avery Mullins

Play testers:  Everett Downs, James Lee, Ryan Sizemore

Dedicated To: Jeanna, Samuel, Joshua, Christina, Alexander, Nevaeh, Willow,
                       Daniel Franklin, Scott, Patricia, and Robert

Published by: Sinopa Publishing LLC                  
You can find Sinopa Publishing LLC on Facebook:  Here

Tale of the Wizard's Eye  Copyright (c) 2017 by W.S. Quinton

My thanks go out to those who helped fund the release of this book through our KickStarter Campaign. (Successfully funded as of June 21st, 2017!)

Publication was made possible by support from the following backers:

Patron of the Arts:
Stewart Wieck (Rest in Peace, Stewart. You are missed.)

Dungeon Masters:
Ryan Sizemore
Andreas Loeckher
Damion Meany
Chris Sulat
Kenny Beecher
Vidal Vincent Rodriguez
John ‘johnkzin’ Rudd
Zeddicus Zorrander
Zargo Games
The Eloquent and Dashing Daniel James T. Grau
Robert McNeal
Dieter Zimmerman
Jesse Andresen
Ben Fowler
William J. Scott III
Jonas Scott
Darren Aldredge
Eran L.
Ramos Rob
Billious Kilgallon
Fearchar Battlechaser
Russell “Redjack” Petree
Brandon lundy
David Chayet
Daniel Benson
Jonathan Beeler
Sadonna Croff
Russell Reitsema
Emily Pratt
Rafael Beltrán Plaza
Michael Waters

Classic Dungeon Masters:
Dominic Rosario
Kynan Hampton
Katie Farrant
Jack Sernovitz
Randy Smith
Eric D’tra’val, The Traveller
Philip Rogers Jr
Peter Kendall
Bruce P. Squirrel
A Donaghey
Gabriel Gonzales
Scarlett Letter
Chris Renshaw
Chris Ayotte
Susan L. Smith Mullins
John Lemay

Collector and Hard Core Dungeon Masters:
The Great Lord Tyler Welsh
John Charles Rivers
Dennis A Pascale Jr.
Ryan (Tinker) Whallen
Gina Seibert
Joshua Audibert
Bradley S. Hurley
Dr. Donald A. Turner
Haus Mauck
Brother Tom

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