Monday, March 13, 2017

Continuing the Adventure in Writing and Publishing

Thank you for joining me here today.

It has been a productive weekend, with about 4500 words written for the Rose of Relange role-playing game rules.  That may sound like a lot, but after formatting it will only be around 15 pages or so.

Still, I did complete some parts that were desperately calling out to make their way into file.

Big encouragements for me this weekend were the responses I received from four people concerning the rule set and game mechanics. Responses were positive, with all people polled (a whopping four!) looking forward to the game.  There was some wonderfully constructive criticism regarding the system mechanics that have led me to reconsider a few rules.  So I've made some changes, looked around, slept on the changes, had some coffee and I think they may be for the best.  When play testing starts I suppose we will see how robust the system is.

Discussion with one of the Game Masters who will be heading up a play test group went well.  My old buddy James is coming through like the legend he is (go go Chubbs!!) and his enthusiasm has really pushed me to step up the writing.

I'm looking forward to what this week brings for Sinopa Publishing, and the continuing effort to make the best books possible.

My first children's book, titled "Momma taught me Manners" has been sent to be illustrated.  I am looking forward to seeing what the art will look like!

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