Saturday, March 18, 2017

First level Publisher

When in the course of embarking upon new ventures you will, undoubtedly, encounter something you didn't expect.

For me, the first such encounter on this venture has been a positive one.

So what has happened? (Glad you asked)

I was considering the costs for publication of the Rose of Relange Rpg.  The figure was a bit daunting.

So I thought I would look at kick starter for some initial research in funding.  This would allow me to cover some costs associated with print (ISBN costs, costs for proofs, etc).

Now let me be clear.  I have never conducted a kick starter, and I've never really given it much consideration other than backing some things I had an interest in.  Now though, I've taken some time and looked at some of the Kick Starters for role-playing games.  It proved very informative.

Thing is... I like to verify data.  I like to find out things from other people who have trod the path I'm thinking about walking.  Get the lay of the land, so to speak.

So I bounced the idea off someone I respect.  His knee jerk reflex was along the lines of "dude, you don't do a kick starter until you are at least three quarters done..", which was cool to hear because I was considering not doing it until it was ready to send to printer for proofs (well after feedback from play test groups and the subsequent adjustments).  So it was good to know that we were thinking along the same lines.

This person happens to be a friend of person who has conducted successful Kick Starters before, so he offered to ask about advice for me.  Which I greatly appreciate.

The last five days have not been limited to friendly discourse though.

The Sinopa Publishing Facebook page has over 40 followers now (which I thought would take a few months to get, so that was a nice surprise).  Some of the artists working on the projects have graciously consented to allowing art from the books to be used on the Facebook page, and on the web site (still under construction).  I have to say, their art is really drawing a lot of attention to the Facebook page.  (Thanks folks.  You guys are awesome!)

Then, today, I found out that people are actually seeing my blog.  Wow!
Not a lot of people yet, but far more than I expected.

So to you who are reading this blog, I want to thank you.  It is very encouraging that people are taking a moment to read these posts.  I hope you find them entertaining, useful, or otherwise rewarding.

I hope you will come back for the next post, for more insights on this adventure.

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