Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tarot Adventures, Book One: The Draw of Glenfallow (Update Two: FUNDED!!)

Art from The Draw of Glenfallow
Artist: Christian Martinez
You can learn about the art of Christian Martinez HERE

Well ladies and gentlemen, the KickStarter campaign for the book in the Tarot Adventures series has gone live.

*Update:  The Kickstarter is off to a wonderful start!
Shortly after posting the first update, the campaign became fully funded!  To all the backers who have pledged their support, I thank you most sincerely.  You have made this book possible and that is an amazing thing.  The stretch goal remains and is now very close. If the campaign can reach a funding goal of $1000 we will be able to include more full color art!  Artist Anthony Ojeda was kind enough to do some fantastic color work on one of the pieces he had created for the book.  That color enhancement is still in progress but he provided the image with some of his color work on it for these announcements.*
Art by Anthony Ojeda
*Update Part Two:  As this is the first adventure module in the series, I want everyone to know I have worked very hard on this adventure to create a suitable entry into the series.  With more adventures likely to come out every few months, people will be able to explore and adventure in these stories, building fun memories with their friends for years to come.  I'll leave the remainder of this post in its original form, and will provide updates in the format I'm using now.  As you can see I have updated the first update... which is just awkward to write... to reflect the pledge status.*

I'm very pleased with the initial backing and the turn out from backers of Tale of the Wizard's Eye. This campaign managed to reach 30% of goal within two hours right in the middle of the morning! So thank you to all of you early morning backers who came out to support this project!

There is still a little way to go to get to fully funded.  So please do take a look at this project.
I've placed a link below to take you to the KickStarter page.  I know you'll find the art to be excellent and the story is a good, even if I'm saying so myself.

Art from The Draw of Glenfallow
Artist: Christian Martinez

Link to KickStarter Campaign

I would like to cite this as another working example of promotion of the books you write.

KickStarter not only affords you the opportunity to help fund your work, but also exposes people to the type of work you are doing.  While not everyone who sees your project will back it, you have shown them what you are doing, and that kind of exposure will help build your audience.

I would like to recommend you think of the people who read your work and buy your books as your audience.  Bring entertainment and joy to them and they will come back.  They are not your money machine, they are people.  Do your best to build value into your product and you will see that people appreciate it.

I'm please as can be, that so far (in the scant few hours the KS campaign has been running as of this writing) that so many backers from previous KickStarter campaign came and supported this project.  I hope that I have given the good quality in the past and I will continue to give them the best quality I can in the future.

Build value.  That is a great way to promote your work.

I want to thank you for joining me on this adventure today.

I hope to see you next time.

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