Saturday, July 29, 2017

Selling the first book: Don't get complacent, sell more of them!

Cover Art by Phoenix O'Faery
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I began this blog, as a chronicle of my adventure into writing and self-publishing.  I've written about my thoughts on writing, promoting your book, crowdfunding, and shared thoughts I've had and project I've begun as we've moved past the 40 blog entries I've done to date.

Now I want to share with you something as a writer.  A profound feeling that came over me tonight as a result of sudden realization: someone bought a copy of my book.  I had the same feeling hit me when the KickStarter went live and people started backing the book.  It is an amazing sense of elation brought on by the idea that someone chose your writing, your work, to buy and read. I confess I like this feeling.

The trap is evident here as I've seen it happen and have heard of it from many others.  You get that feeling of elation, that exhilaration from validation, and suddenly you have a moment of peace.  The book is written, it is on the shelf for people to buy, what's left to do?

Wow... neat trap we lay for ourselves isn't it?

Don't fall victim to this.  Yes, take a moment and bask in the wonder of that feeling.  Then get back to work.  Yes, the book is written, but others need to be written too, and the book you have completed needs your attention to find it's way into the hands of your reader.  You aren't done yet.

Do the book signing, do the podcast interview, do the interview on local television, do all you can to bring your work to the attention of others.  Lead them to your book and encourage people to read it, as the beauty of the words in your book are occluded by the cover.  So encourage folks to open that cover and digest your work.

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Make use of technology.  Never before in human history have artists and writers been able to reach so many people with their art. Make it easy for people to find your point of sale location and make certain that interface (at the sale point) is easy to use, functions correctly, and showcases your work honestly.

Promote through channels frequented by your target audience.  Get your work in front of book reviewers, reach out to Youtube personalities, promote it within your blog 😀, and continue to do so.  Make it a habit to bring your work to people with a frequency that doesn't harass the viewer but yet keeps your work in mind and encourages people to be curious about it.

So throughout our adventure together you'll see some promotion of my work.  I hope you'll be interested in it.  I also hope you will be kind enough to share those promotions.  I think my work is of good quality. I would not release it otherwise.

I will be sharing my experiences as I make efforts to promote sales of my books.  I'll be sharing what works, what doesn't, and data points to help us all find our audiences.  You may have noticed I share projects from time to time here as well.  These are books that I find particularly interesting.  I don't promote other people for gain on my channels.  I won't do that you.

Thank you for joining me on this great adventure into writing, self-publishing, and game design.

I hope too see you next time.

You can find my first released book "Tale of the Wizard's Eye" available on (links are available above) and on the product page for a good description and tribute to the KickStarter backers who made the book possible.

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