Thursday, July 27, 2017

A time for new heroes: The Draw of Glenfallow adventure module is coming!

Art by: Christian Martinez
You can learn about Christian and his art:  Here

Low level adventure, high quality adventure book, and art that is simply amazing!

Tarot Adventures, Book One:  The Draw of Glenfallow will see it's KickStarter campaign launch on August 2nd, 2017.

Low level adventures are a great thing for any group to run through.  New characters are created and become new heroes. These first adventures help shape the personality of the player character as they are appended to that character's backstory upon resolution.  Every treasure is precious, every monster is a real challenge, and every opportunity should be seized.

The Draw of Glenfallow presents a lot of opportunities for low level player characters.  Adventure awaits, with monsters who will kill if they can and with non-player characters who can become powerful allies.  This adventure is the beginning of a longer tale.  One that will unfold in subsequent books, and progress in line with character advancements.  But first the Keep of Glenfallow awaits!

Remember, KickStarter, August 2nd.  Help make this book happen.
Art by: Anthony Ojeda
You can learn more about Anthony and his art: HERE

Now back to our regular topics:

This second KickStarter has filled me with quite a bit of excitement.  With less than a week left before the campaign starts, I find that I am experiencing that same excitement and having those same questions as when I launched my first.  I also find myself wondering if my preparations for this second KS campaign (advanced promotion, a wider network of people on social media, an email list of people who agreed to receive notice when the KS launched....) will prove effective.  Its interesting to me as I find myself asking "will I do better this time", which is odd considering that Tale of the Wizard's Eye did well and funded fully.

The differences some preparations make.  I was much more comfortable with the KickStarter interface with this campaign, having done one before not long ago is handy for that.  So I spent a LOT of time looking at the reward levels.  With the current calculated page count the backer levels had to be a bit higher... but I find myself wondering if I should scale back the font on the book, to help lower the page count, lower costs, and lower the price of the book in the process.  This is something I'm going to have to consider quickly with less than a week remaining 😉

So, my stalwart adventuring companions, the next adventure is ahead of us.  Lets get going and see what rewards await us.

Thank you all for joining me again as I explore the world of writing, self-publishing, game design, and (soon) comic books.

I hope you will check out the KickStarter when it launches, back it if you like the look of it, and enjoy it thoroughly when you play through it.

I hope to see you soon!

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