Monday, July 24, 2017

Promoting your books and great art by Kelsy Cowan!

Art by Kelsy Cowan for Tarot Adventures, Book Two: Comet over Echo Rock
You can learn about Kelsy and her art HERE:

Thank you for joining me.

We can all agree that as writers and publishers we want people to buy our books.  The writer inside us wants people to read and enjoy the work.  The publisher inside us wants people to buy the book to provide revenue.

As the new guy to the self-publishing business, I am amazed that I still read forum entries, see blog posts, read Facebook posts and Tweets of writers who lament that no one is buying their book(s) but they don't seem to be promoting them.  I say this because the first I usually see of those writers is their lamentations of poor sales.

Please don't think I'm picking on them or making fun of their misfortune.  I am not. From the earliest days of my research into self-publishing it seemed evident that you would want to promote your books religiously.  You will want to make people aware of them so they might buy and read them (thus feeding the hungry beasts within your psyche).

If you've read any of previous blog entries you know I promote my own work here, as well as other peoples (no I do NOT charge people for that).  I make every effort to make each blog entry of interest.  Following the advise of DBJ, I write things I would want to read.  Where can I find talented artists to work with?  Anything cool on KickStarter?  How can keep talented people working with me?  What are some mistakes to avoid?   These are some of the points I try to address frequently to provide value to you, my reader.

What happens with that?  Well, those of you who are regular readers keep coming back to read more.  Thank you for that!  It literally means everything good to me about this blog.  That participation, the regular reading promotes my books and the artists I work with.  As you see by the number of blog entries I've made so far, you have to keep doing it.

That isn't all though.  As you see from my pages here I utilize social media platforms to spread the word on coming books far and wide as well. This week I also began a Patreon account, to facilitate some more in depth, behind the scenes level glimpses into the work.  This is another effort to promote my books (in a way) as it is a means by which I can engage people who are interested in my work.  It is also an effort to get some funding/revenue in for more projects.  As promised before I'll let you know how that works out. (Note: I've created some content for that page already.  I don't have patrons yet, but that doesn't mean you don't do the work.  I've looked at several Patreon accounts in my research so far... my doesn't look like much yet, but it will have substance and I will dress it up as I'm able).

Now... some points I would like to bring up regarding other promotional efforts I've made:

1) Personal appearances - I have my very first book signing this coming Sunday (July 30th, 2017) and I am very excited about it.  The Facebook event the store I'm going to be at has more than 20 people interested in coming so far and I think that is wonderful.


Because those are people who have backed my KickStarter, and who may do so again.  People who haven't seen my work yet, but are curious about it.  People who I will meet face to face and with whom I will have the chance to make first impression.  This is important.

2) Stepping away from me for a moment: One thing I did recently, was to discuss promoting an existing book of an author.  Her title is well reviewed and has been up on Amazon for a while.  I should clarify that I speaking to her significant other rather than her, regarding promoting her work.  We discussed, at length some things to help draw attention to her book and hopefully develop new fans.  Appearances at book events in the area, reaching out to YouTube book reviewers, and appearances at local book stores for signings, and on news broadcasts, podcasts, etc. These are the things I recommended that I feel would help bring her work the attention it deserves.

A few minutes of time, some solid ideas, these are helpful.  The thing that makes these ideas work, is you. Do the work to promote your book(s).  Have fun with your fans (even if it is only two people at first) at your book signing.  Laugh at the good jokes, and be real with the people you are engaging with on your social media feeds.  Ask people to interview you and make it interesting.  Do the work everyone.

Helping others is its own reward.  You get to be a decent and kind human being.  A dear friend of mine pointed out to me that doing things for others has a way of coming back to you.  That people who have received helped and kindness from you in the past are likely to remember you and may even return the effort one day.  I certainly did not take time to provide helpful ideas for my own gain, but my friend may have a point.

3) Writing is a labor of love, and it can be very labor intensive at times.  Don't forsake that effort by not promoting your work.  Don't shout into the void.  Act with deliberation, with a careful plan, and execute your promotions to the best of your ability.  Then get up the next day and do it again!

Self-publishing to me, so far, is a great example of building your own future.  Keep at it, and build a great future of your own!

Now, because I think the book looks interesting, it has great reviews, and has an intriguing premise I will leave you with a link to the book I was discussing with that gentleman the other day.  Take a moment to check it out, its on Kindle if you have one, and is available in print.  I am not affiliated with the author, haven't been paid and haven't asked to be, but the work looks interesting to me.

So check out "The Devil in Canaan Parish" by Jackie Shemwell.  This link will take you to it on Amazon HERE

Please do promote other authors too.  If you enjoy their work then please help their success.  A share on social media, a mention to a friend, this is how a writer's fan base grows.  We are all a part of that.

I want to thank you all for joining me on my adventure into publishing today.
I do hope you will share this with others, (Please).

I hope you will join me next time.

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