Monday, October 9, 2017

My new comic book!

reference image used for art development
The story of the Ako Incident is one of historic and cultural significance.

The historical record tells us that Asano Naganori committed seppeku after failing to kill Kira, who had insulted him terribly.  Literary accounts of the incident claim Kira was abusively rude to Asano with alarming regularity.  Those same accounts indicate that Kira was corrupt and that Asano had not been willing to bribe him.

reference image used for art development

47 Furious Tails is my re-telling of the Ako Incident.   Using anthropomorphic animal characters, this comic series begins before Asano Naganori's fateful final trip to Edo.   This comic book explores the lives of these historic figures before the events occur that transforms them into legends.

reference image used for literary research

In this telling we've used the phenomenal art of Alexia Veldhuisen, to create a beautiful comic book to immerse you in the tale.  You will see modern illustrations of ancient scenes, thrill at furious samurai action, and bask in the subtle beauty of the era.

Cover by Alexia Veldhuisen
Experience the events that inspired samurai for hundreds of years. 

Support 47 Furious Tails on KickStarter and help us bring this comic to the world.

Thank you for joining me on my adventure today.
I hope you'll join me next time.

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