Thursday, October 19, 2017


I used a lot of online image searches to find references for 47 Furious Tails

Images from the Edo period and beyond were particularly important to provide for Alexia's use in illustrating the comic book.

Thankfully those images were readily available.

There were also a number of old photographs from the 19th century that were just amazing to see as well as being great for determining the look of certain armor's and clothing.

This was just part of the "homework" that went into creating 47 Furious Tails. 

With images such as the ones above (as well as several others I found and sent to her) Alexia was able to invoke elegance and beauty in the art for the comic.  Creating the poster (top below) and the cover (bottom below) as gorgeous works of art.

There is plenty more to come in 47 Furious Tails.  But to get there we need your support.
By pledging your support on KickStarter  HERE and by sharing the link on your social media, you can help us reach our funding goal to bring this comic to print.

Check it out, and see the more work by Alexia Veldhuisen (we included examples of other work she has done independently as well as work she has done Sinopa Publishing LLC).

Thank you for coming on this adventure with me.

I hope to see you next time.

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