Sunday, February 11, 2018

I believe, in YOU!

Writing is much like exercise.  The more often you do it, the easier it becomes.  It becomes habituated to your personality, just like running, karate, weight lifting, and yoga.  You begin to look forward to it, and that is a wondrous feeling.

I first launched this blog, chronicling my efforts in writing, self-publishing, and game development on March 8th of 2017.  I drafted and published my first ever blog entry, writing exactly what I wanted to say in an unpolished way.  I simply jumped in and went to work.  I should have read a book first 😂

I've made mistakes along the way as I worked to get my books released.  I can say that these were honest mistakes born of inexperience.  I'm still learning, and I accept that.  So to you who have been reading this blog and accompanying me on this great adventure, I think you for your patience.  This entry marks the 69th entry for this blog.  Time has flown by.

This blog has chronicled my work leading up to, and documenting my efforts to publish Tale of the Wizard's Eye.  It has recorded projects that are still in development, or on hold (primarily due to financing), and had provided some shameless self-promotion for the Tarot Adventures and other products I'm developing. 

I've learned things along the way.  I know now that it is imperative to promote your kickstarter campaigns AT LEAST a few weeks ahead of launch and to do so smartly.  I've learned that even when your files are right and accepted that there can still be errors that creep into the print run (yeah, that sucked).  I've met many people who are on the same journey, having similar adventures.  I've learned more about production scheduling than I care to mention, and about project management as a whole.  Its tough being the guy in charge, even if it is a one-man show. 

I've had three successful kickstarter campaigns, one which didn't fund, and I've seen my campaigns and my books reviewed online in several places.  Backers have given my books reviews, and have messaged me about what they liked and what they didn't (this is incredibly valuable data everyone, always listen to your backers).  I've made some good books, some smart decisions, and a few bad mistakes. 

I'm still here, and Sinopa Publishing LLC is still going strong.  (Still haven't made any money yet, really but it'll get there).

Next month will mark the one year anniversary of this blog.  I hope to be able to post something informative, something insightful, that you can use in your own endeavors in writing and publishing.  For now, I think I'll point you to the first paragraph in this entry.  Then I'll tell you "write" and do it all the time.  Write about your projects and about cool things you've seen other people do.  Write about your day and your triumphs and write about your failings and failures.  Own up to your successes and study your mistakes.  But first and foremost, "WRITE"!  Nothing else will put your words on a page.  Write, and create your stories, and your worlds.  Once you have written it, then work out the publishing, promotion, the funding etc. 

Write, because no one else is putting your words to paper yet.  Change that!  Write so that other people will review your work, for good or ill.  Give them something to write about. 

You've been with me on this adventure this long.  Keeping up with me each step.  I'm going to keep writing and I hope you will too. 

I believe in you!



  1. A great post ! I know I haven't shown myself to be the best of followers due to the lack of funds and my surgery coming up. But I will always share your posts and watch your kickstarters. You are a amazing man and Dad to your little ones. You dish out great advice and also a nice chat every now and then. You keep doing you and I'll be one of the many on the side cheering you on.

  2. Thank you! You are fantastic, and don't think otherwise. I'm glad you make time to read my posts and even more grateful that you enjoy them.


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