Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Steel Road: a weapon source book coming soon!

The Steel Road will soon be coming to Kickstarter.  From there its onto your game, to put exotic weapons from around the world at your fingertips.  Each weapon is fully illustrated in sketchbook style, as its traditional version and as an enchanted "legendary" version. Marvel at the art being developed for this amazing new book!

Iklwa, a Zulu spear
The traditional weapon (left) and the legendary version (right)
Art by: Zachary Viola
We have gathered a collection of weapons from around the world to create The Steel Road.
Whether you favor the idea of a heavy iron spear such as the famed Zulu Iklwa, or the devasting Akrafena, you'll find a selection of exotic weapons at your finger tips.

Legendary version (left) and traditional version (right)
Art by: Zachary Viola

Journey with through The Steel Road to the mythic lands of India.  Explore the devastating weapons of an ancient culture.  Wield the Trishula and strike down your enemies with divine swiftness.
Traditional version (left) and the legendary version (right)
Art by: Zachary Viola
Or take up the Bagh Nakh, and rend your foes life away while you look him in the eye!
Bagh Nakh
Traditional version (left) and legendary version (right)
Art by: Zachary Viola

The island of Japan is home to an elite class of warriors, the samurai.  Their weaponry matches their own reputation for deadly efficiency.  Would you weild an Otsuchi to batter down barred gates and flatten foolish enemies who dare stand before you?
Legendary version (left) and traditional version (right)
Art by: Zachary Viola
The samurai train diligently.  Take up the suburito to strengthen your strikes, condition your muscles, and hone your technique.  Or use it to strike down the enemies of your daimyo!

Art by: Zachary Viola
Illustrated by Kubert School alumnus Zachary Viola, you'll find fantastic illustrations of these weapons of far flung lands. Written by W.S. Quinton and released by Sinopa Publishing LLC.

Journey with us on The Steel Road and play your game on the keen edge of an exotic blade!

See my previous post about developing The Steel Road
(To be made available for the 5th edition rules set and released under the OGL, and released in a Pathfinder compatible edition as well}

*all art presented here is copyright (c) 2017 - 2018 by Zachary Viola
*The Steel Road is copyright(c) 2018 by W.S. Quinton
*Sinopa Publishing LLC is registered in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

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