Friday, June 16, 2017

A Cool Encounter! Uploading your first print file

                                          Cover art for: Tale of the Wizard's Eye
                                          Front/title cover by: Phoenix O'Faery
                                          Back cover art by: Brian Lee

Another cool encounter in the adventure into publishing.  Last night I uploaded the cover image file for the Tale of the Wizard's Eye adventure module.  It was an amazing feeling!

Right now, I'm feeling a great deal of excitement as I wait for the print file to be approved from the printer.  I'll be ordering in proof copies as soon as I get the email. Right now I can only imagine what it will feel like to have this first module in hand.

I'll try to adequately describe that sensation when I have the proof copies in hand!

After weeks of work the Tale of the Wizard's Eye is in its final pre-release stages.  It a few days, I'll have a physical copy in hand, checking for any problem that may have been missed.

I am absolutely dedicated to creating the best quality I can. Being new to publishing this has caused me to take long hard looks at the work, and strive to pick apart my own work, which is no easy task!

For those of you who have published before, please comment below and share your experience, from when you first laid hands on that first book of your own creation.


There are still 5 days remaining in the KickStarter campaign.  You can find the KS campaign: HERE

Please do share the KickStarter link.  More backers are always welcome!

KickStarter backers (those with reward levels that include PDF file copy) will also receive the Encounter Scale System map pack for this adventure.  The map pack will allow users to print map sheets to scale with miniature use, for the encounters in the adventure!

Short entry today.

I hope you'll join me next time as the adventure into publishing continues!

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