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A series of adventures and art from two remarkably talented artists.

Tarot Adventures, Book One: The Draw of Glenfallow
Pieron by Rebecca Elisbet Coulthart

Tarot Adventures, Book Two:  Comet over Echo Rock

Dire Wolf by Alexia Veldhuisen

You can learn more about Rebecca and Alexia, by clicking on the links in their names.
The beginning of a series.

The Draw of Glenfallow began as "Pieron's Keep", a title that didn't test well with the play testers who ran through the first round of testing.   The module seemed mostly sound at that point, needing a bit of fine tuning, some narrative text, and a bit of revision, but was fully playable and enjoyable.

One thing did come from each play test team though, a question:  "What happens next in the story"?

Thus was conceived a series, based upon turns of a card, telling the stories that stem from Pieron, the land of Glenfallow, and the people thereof.  A series themed after the tarot and a magical deck of cards.  A series of adventures that could serve as side quests to your main campaign, or as the central story, depending on how you want to run your campaign.

So I've been looking very carefully at the rate of character advancement, distribution of items, and the role-playing opportunities of having a newly established noble as a friend to the characters.

That last part is deserving of some attention.  After careful thought, I am shackling the growth of the noble's wealth, power, and influence to track proportionately with the character level range of the adventures in the series.  This is an effort to ensure that player characters don't try to use their ally like a large club.  It is going to take quite a bit of finesse, but I'm confident that I'm up to the task, and looking forward to advancing the story.


The art for the series is being produced at a fantastic pace.  A number of artists have signed on to work on these projects.  Their stylistic differences provide a nice variety of art that can appeal to different tastes.


Promoting books seems to be critically important.  I am days away from releasing "Tale of the Wizard's Eye" so I hope to soon learn if my efforts through blogging and social media have born any fruit.  I believe very strongly though, that the books must be talked about in order to gain attention, so then I will continue to write and to promote as I can.  I will also continue to do the pod cast interviews (thanks again), book signings, and other free promotional avenues I can explore.  Wish me luck on finding buyers!


Writing adventures has been a surprisingly pleasant experience.  It takes a little while to design and write ( I use outlines ), then the re-writing, editing, polishing of the text and formatting come into play (presently this is taking the most time in the process for me to complete).    I am contemplating production of a total of twenty-two Tarot Adventure books, to be written from now through the middle of 2019.  That is a tall, heady, crazy busy schedule of writing to be done, but I want to try it.  Again, wish me luck!

I will be including connections to the Tale of the Wizard's Eye and its sequel book (as yet untitled), sprinkled into the Tarot Adventure series.  This is to provide a sense of continuity, and to promote usefulness of the two product lines to each other, but it is also to help build an atmosphere within the games played that strengthens the suspension of disbelief.

I'll be writing more on these as the projects progress.

I would also like to take a moment and ask for a moment of silent contemplation (and prayer if you are so inclined) for Stewart Wieck, who died suddenly last week.  Stewart was a co-founder of White Wolf, the owner of Nocturnal Media, and a nice man who gave me some good advice.

Rest in Peace, Stewart.  You sir, were a class act.

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