Wednesday, May 17, 2017

In the Beginning: The KickStarter Campaign for my first Adventure

Cover Art for Tale of the Wizard's Eye,
 Created by: Phoenix O'Faery
Thank you for coming along with me on my adventure.

Today we have a big encounter, my first KickStarter campaign, which I launched to fund "Tale of the Wizard's Eye".

Tale of the Wizard's Eye, is written for the 5th edition game mechanics used for the Dungeon and Dragons role-playing game.

I learned a few things setting up this KickStarter, and I'll share with you:

1) KickStarter is a great platform.  The user interface is very intuitive and navigation is simple.

2) Mathematics are important.  When creating your kickstarter pay attention to the fees collected by KickStarter for processing.  It is very important to keep in mind the impact of shipping costs as well.  So check your math for each and every backer reward you build.  Make certain it is not negatively impacting you.

3) Sharing on social media platforms is very handy.  I made the KickStarter go live at an inopportune time, but it was time I had when I could launch it (as I have a hugely busy day today).  But it's been less than 30 minutes (at the time of this writing), and I already have my first backer (and it isn't me). Saw 2 shares on Facebook right off, then another share to an rpg group with over 900 members!  So here is hoping I find some backers there.

4) It's exciting.  I would imagine that several of you already knew that.  I expected it may be a curious feeling, but it actually is rather exciting!  I logged in and checked and, low and behold, first backer!
If you ever decide to do a kickstarter, I think your first one will be memorable.  I have a long way to go until I see if my first KickStarter funds or not, but either way I expect it will be something I remember for a long time.


5) You will get lots of email from folks who want to "Help" you spread the word about your KickStarter campaign.  Personally, I don't want to spam anyone so I'm not responding to spammers who are hitting my email now.  I'm blocking them.  I'm not going to pollute my KickStarter or tarnish my conscious or reputation by spamming the world.  I've asked people to share my KickStarter on their social media, and that is going to have to be enough.  <This edit added after clearing out a dozen emails offering to propagate my KS information>

6) Be careful with the links you embed within your story.  I was lucky enough to have people tell me they were being bounced off the KickStarter page when they hit the links.  I also added a bit of a teaser about the plot/story to give folks some more information.  Now things look a bit better and are a more interesting read!

So, if you are interested in table-top role playing games (if you've been reading this blog I expect that is probably the case), check out the KickStarter.  Backing would be most appreciated, but if you don't want to or can't back it, please do share it on your social media platforms.  Every share helps raise awareness.  Thank you.

Link to the KickStarter Campaign is : Here

As always, I ask that you please share this adventure with others.

Lets bring the fun to our table-top games.

I hope you will join me next time, as this journey continues.

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