Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Writing, Publishing, and Publicity... OH MY!

Art by Christian Martinez for The Draw of Glenfallow
You can learn more about Christian Martinez: HERE

It has been a busy week!

Tale of the Wizard's Eye:

The module has been beaten up in play test and has seen several finer points corrected.
Loot has been adjusted, and some encounters have been transitioned to additional material for use by the game master should he/she wish to expand the adventure beyond a single session.

Encounter areas are being modified following feedback from play test participants and another round of play test is being set up.

The KickStarter campaign for Tale of the Wizard's Eye is 28% funded in under one week!  As always, please do spread the word and share this blog and the kickstarter link (see below):


You can listen to the podcast:  HERE


The Draw of GlenFallow:

This module is progressing wonderfully.  A few more play tests are in order but I think it will be the beginning of a great series of adventures to come.  Initial play tests had some important suggestions for game master utility that will be worked on in coming weeks as well as some mapping questions.  All in all, things are shaping up nicely for this book!


In development:

A sequel to The Draw of Glenfallow is in the early development stages.  Artists have been tasked for the creation of the art for it, and by all accounts that art is on track to be completed by June 15th.

Earliest conceptual design for resource attachment to be included in the Glenfallow series material is underway.  Detailed art on equipment/weapons to be done by the very talented: Zachary Viola

The Rose of Relange RPG:   work on developing the play test materials will resume later this week and should be ready for play test on schedule.  Very excited to see what our playtesters make of the mechanics and the setting.

Coloring Book:  I am revisiting a project tossed around in one of our meetings a few months ago, for a fantasy/rpg themed coloring book.  This to be made available in printable pdf, to afford folks the ability to have multiple copies (whether you have children of not this will be fun). More on this as discussions progress.



Thanks to all of you who share this blog and the Facebook and twitter accounts I have seen a huge surge in views and visitors of late.  While not viral (yet 😇 )... the Facebook page for Sinopa Publishing LLC saw a 678% increase in people who saw the posts their in the last 6 days (may 17th through May 23rd ... as of this writing).  By any measure of progress that is incredible.

So please do continue to share the blog and the social media posts.  It has brought people to the kickstarter and I've received backing as a direct result.


Revisions to the adventure modules has been fun, a bit tiring, and necessary.  The drive to produce the best book I can is really pushing me on these and I feel like I'm getting very close with these titles.  They are getting very close to "DONE"... can't wait to see what folks think of them!


I am looking forward to the formatting of these books.  It will give me a final page count I can work with, as well as allow me to complete the product pages I'm working on linking to the blog.  (The business side of things, not so much fun but totally necessary!).

I do hope you enjoy this adventure of mine as I explore publishing.

Remember you can find Sinopa Publishing LLC on Facebook:  HERE

I'll see you next time!

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