Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tale of the Wizard's Eye, and OGL adventure for characters of 6th through 9th level

                                          Art by: Rebecca Elisbeth Coulthart

Tale of Ages has been delayed, pending finalization of the license agreement.

In place of that module for June release, an OGL, generic setting adventure has been moved up in the release time table.

Written for characters of level 6 to 9, this module is designed to be played in a single session.

What is so great about this level range, is the type of monsters who can be brought to challenge the adventures.

Werewolves, vampire spawn, and a host of other frightful monsters make an appearance in this challenging adventure.

Centuries ago a wizard of vast power and knowledge, crafted a magical item to aid in his journey to greatness.

That wizard is long dead, the item all but forgotten.

Now the player characters have happened upon a clue to magical treasure hidden in the flooded ruins of town.  Long abandoned, monsters of certain power now claim the area as home.

Brave the forests along the river, descended into the partially sunken ruins, and maybe you can find the Wizard's Eye.

Insights as to goings on here:

Writing continues as a steady pace.  Formatting the writing and art into a finished product is actually more demanding.  I've been working to make the best products possible, and sometimes it seems as if I get stuck in that "I can do better" mode. Expect Tale of the Wizard's Eye and The Draw of Glenfallow modules to be available on in June (2017).  Thanks to feedback from the play test groups, The Draw of Glenfallow is getting a sequel/follow-up adventure providing more adventure and advancing the tale of the NPC Pieron of Glenfallow.  Look for that adventure (title pending) in August of 2017!

More artists have agreed to work on coming projects, making it possible to release those adventures and books sooner. (Yeah!)

Check these books out when they go up and are available on (I hope you like them as much I liked writing them!)

Thank you for joining me on this leg of the journey.

Having a bit of a setback with Tale of Ages being delayed, but there is plenty of work to be done in getting the OGL adventures out.

I hope you will continue to join me on this amazing adventure as I continue to explore writing and publishing in various genres.

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If you enjoy this ongoing adventure please share it with others.

Thank you.  See you next time!

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