Sunday, May 14, 2017

What adventure do you want to play in?

Art by Brian Lee with Coloring by Rebecca Elisbet Coulthart
You can learn more about Brian: Here

As a game master, and now as a game designer, I find myself asking several of the same questions.

Perhaps the most common question I find myself addressing, is "How can I make this fun?" or "What would my players like in the game that would be fun for us all?"

In other words, "What do my players, and their characters/adventurers, want?"

This question is not so easy to answer when you are writing for publication.

For published modules, I feel I am writing to the game master and the players at the same time.

I write the story, environment, and encounters to the players while writing the backstory, narrations, and game aides for the game master.  I want to create modules that are easy for the game master to utilize, and fun for the players.  In other words, I'm trying to write the ideal adventure modules... which is a really tall order.

Writing modules for publication is a bit different than writing for your own group.  You don't know the capabilities of the player characters, don't know the group make up, and don't know the play style of game master.  To confront these issues, I've written in broad strokes, so to speak, for the characters that are present in the adventures.  This gives the game master great leave to customize as she/he may like.

But what do your players want? What type of story do they want to play through?  What types of quests do they want to undertake?  What type of stories do they want to share about the game after its over?

Please do comment below.  Let me know what type of adventures you would like to see in print. Make your voice heard.

As always, thank you for joining me on this grand adventure of mine.

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Please remember to share the adventure.  I'll see you next time!

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