Sunday, April 16, 2017

Pieron's Keep, Tale of Ages, the Rose of Relange RPG, and children's books... the writing continues...

Art by Brian Lee
You can learn more about Brian: HERE

It has been a most productive week.

I stopped counting pages written when I hit 25 pages this week.  I can tell you its been a lot.

So here is my little update as to what got done this week and what is going on.

Tale of Ages is still awaiting a few key pieces of art, but the art team assures me it will be completed on deadline by May 1st.

I would like to tip my hat to their diligence and attention to deadline.  Great job folks!!!

What else?    Well, quite a lot actually.

The first adventure module released by Sinopa Publishing LLC for the 5th edition rule set of the classic dungeon and dragons game has been sent to play tester groups for analysis and feedback.

Most of the original art for this new module has been assigned with a few pieces left to schedule as artists time allows.

Titled  "Pieron's Keep", this module is designed to be a single session playable adventure, for 4 to 6 player characters of levels 1 through 3.   Without giving too much away, this module is generic with regards to setting to allow for incorporation into any published or home brew world.  It introduces an npc which will also play a part in future single session playable modules.   Price point will be low to make it readily affordable to game masters and groups, and will be available on this summer (sometime in late June of in July).

More writing occurred on the Rose of Relange rpg, more refinement of concept, and I am very excited about how it is developing!

Children's books...  I received constructive feedback on the Wendy and Fiona book,  I'll be doing a rewrite on it this evening.    This brings to mind a good point for all authors... accept criticism and use it to improve your writing.  Do not take it as a personal slight or let it hurt your feelings.  Criticism of your work helps you to overcome your own perspective in your writing and will make you a better writer overall.

Art is coming along nicely for the children's books as well.  Samantha has been doing AMAZING work on her first project with Sinopa Publishing LLC.

A small sample of her work!   Like I said folks, she is amazing!
You can find other samples of Samatha's work here:  Samantha's work on devianart

So the children's book projects are going along at a nice pace.

As an item of interest, I have been invited to interview on a podcast.  It will be my very first, but I think its cool.  When that happens I will certainly put links up here.

Today is Easter, so I'm spending this weekend celebrating with my wife and children.  I hope this weekend is wonderful for all of us on this little ball we call Earth.

Thank you joining me today on my continuing adventure.
I hope to see here for my next post.

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Thanks again for joining me!

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