Monday, April 24, 2017

Psychics and integrating the power of the mind into game design!

Art by Brian Lee
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It has been a busy week for my adventure in writing and publishing.

If you think it seems that I've been busy, you would be correct.

Not everything that has happened this week has been pleasant though.

So for my blog entry this week, I'll start with the rough spots so we can finish this entry on a positive note.  So here they are, the rough spots....

First, I got some feedback concerning the cover art.  I am very much a huge fan of Phoenix O'Faery and her work.  Having her do the cover art for my books is a great boon to me.  I was suddenly getting feedback though, that the covers needed to be punched up a bit. So I spoke to Phoenix, and like a true professional and a genuine artist (who happens to be remarkably interested in honing her skills, and is very receptive to input), took the feedback I had received and expressed a genuine interest in working with that feedback.   I have to confess that I was very impressed with that mindset.   So once again I was reminded of something I often tell people, be receptive to criticism, it can help you grow.

Second, life has been rough on some of my artists.  The kind of things beyond my ability to help them through, beyond just providing a supportive attitude and a listening ear.  So I listened and I am being as supportive as I know how.  This is probably well outside what anyone would expect, other than the fact that my artists are also friends of mine.  So I step away from the publisher role and focus more on my friends (which should be the more important anyway).

Finally, a bit of fatigue set in.  I have been a bit under the weather myself and it has made finding time to write a bit trying.

But there has been some positive points that have made my week shine brightly regardless of setbacks:

Firstly, I was able to complete a children's book that had been giving me some trouble.  On this particular title, Phoenix will be conducting the illustrations, and she contributed to cleaning up the writing draft enough to earn co-author credit.  Looking forward to putting that book out to, hopefully, bring some joy through reading to children.

Secondly, I was please to accept some suggestions regarding the title for Pieron's Keep. A number of play testers and artists have offered suggestions for a more appealing title, and I am considering changing the title based upon their suggestions.

Thirdly, I received word on more play testing for Pieron's Keep, which will be occurring in the coming week.  Sessions being scheduled for later tonight (April 22nd), Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week, and possibly another next weekend.  I really am grateful to have so many people who have volunteered to play test the modules and the Rose of Relange rpg mechanics... which brings to mind...

As a fourth boon for the week, I was able to write out another 1000 words for the play test material for Rose of Relange, the rpg.  This consisted of the first part of the custom character creation material and was actually great fun to write.

Then, finally, I was very fortunate to get to have a nice conversation with the legendary game designer Steve Sechi (of Talislanta, Atlantis, and the Compleat supplement series fame).  If you are not familiar with Mr. Sechi, you can learn more:  HERE   It was really great to speak to such an experienced designer, writer, artist, and musician about my work.  Thanks Steve!!!

Thank you all for once again coming along for my adventure.  The journey is just beginning, and there are more challenges left to come, but treasures are in the works.  Hopefully the story of this adventure will be fun for all of us.  Wish me luck on finding some gold 😁

Fun thoughts:  Designing your own games can be fun, challenging, sometimes difficult, but really very rewarding.  I have found it to be an exercise in storytelling, a good work out for my math skills, and a way to express myself creatively.  I hope that some of that joy comes through here, and that I can share it with you.

Oops, still not done 😀

Pieron's Keep has had some interesting feedback so far.
Most of the people who have looked it over and/or played through it have asked, "What happens, next?"
That is probably the most flattering question I could imagine.  It tells me that the players have seen enough in the module to want to see more.

In response, I will be writing another module in the story line of Pieron's Keep in a few weeks (need to prioritize the play test documents for Rose of Relange).  So look for more things to happen in the life of dear Pieron. (coming soon to a role-playing game near you!)

Please like/follow/share this blog as you like.  I am hoping that, in addition to raising awareness of what I'm getting to publish, this blog will encourage others to take that step and start writing and producing games of their own.

Let's bring some joy to our games, and enjoy our time with friends.

Have fun, and I hope I will see you for the next entry in this continuing adventure.

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