Sunday, April 30, 2017

Second Level Publisher... continuing the Adventure

Two Giants have a wizard over for dinner.
Art by Brian Lee
You can learn more about Brian: HERE
I've gained some experience in these first few weeks.

One of the things I've learned, is that I need to distribute the art workload a bit.

Fortunately, the artists who have been working with me were kind enough to refer other artists to me. This has been a huge boon for me as now I can focus more on writing, and spend less time finding an artist to do particular pieces.

You may ask, "What is this reaching second level stuff?"

Let me tell you:

I now have eight (8) freelance artists, actively working on art for a variety of projects.

The module, originally titled as "Pieron's Keep", has been sent to the play testers and their feedback has been heard.  I'm making changes I think will enhance the book's appeal and play experience.

One of the big things that testers indicated needed a change... the title.

So after two weeks, (give or take), of polling testers and artists as well, the title has been changed to "The Draw of Glenfallow".

I have taken my own advice and made a point to listen to criticism, as well as the positive reviews the books have received.

What is very encouraging to hear, is something all of the play testers have said... "What happens next?"

This is how the sequel began development, which will continue though this coming week.

I take it as a very positive sign that all of the groups have asked for more modules involving the character, Pieron.

Artists have been tasked for the new adventure module, and I'm pleased to announce that two new artists have agreed to take up the challenge as well.  I am very much looking forward to seeing what they come up with!

The artists who started working with me from the very first book, continue to work and are in good spirits.

Morale on the team is high (though the new artists are coming in with all due caution of any venture with an unproven publisher).

I have been seeing talent evolve to higher levels as the artists continue to impress me with their work.

Concept sketches come in that just light my imagination up, that hint at what is coming, and that prove what my most experienced artists/graphic designer on the team has said... "You've put together one HELL of a TEAM!".

So I have.

One thing I have made all efforts to do, is to promote the work of the freelancers.

Not just the work they do for my publications, but also highlighting their talents for the world to see.

To that end I have begun adding artist's biography pages, linked to the blogs.   There the artist's biography statement, and my thoughts on their work, as well as a link to the artist's online gallery/collection/store can be found.

Why do I do this?

I get asked that question a surprising number of times.
My answer:
No one who succeeds at anything, does so alone.  No matter how capable you may be, someone has provided some form of aid that contributed.
To my thinking, if you should be successful, you should see to the success of those who made such success possible.
So I will continue to make it easy for you, my dear comrade, to see what they do.

As we, you and I, continue on this adventure, we will see many fine pieces of art created to enhance the books I've been writing.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

As always, I ask that you please share this adventure with others.

Lets bring the fun to our table-top games.

I hope you will join me next time, as this journey continues.

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