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Spear and Magic Helmet, and a lot of other things on mind....

Art by Phoenix O'Faery
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April 10th, 2017

This adventure continues to be one that is rich in encounters.

I have secured a very talented artist to work on illustrations for my children's books.  This is great news as it means I'll be able to focus other artists on role-playing game material!

I will also be releasing an adventure module in June for the classic role-playing game that really started it all.  This module to be released under Dungeon Master's Guild, with a projected release date in the later half of June 2017, will be nod to classic adventure scenarios.  This module, written for characters of level 1 through 3, will provide game masters with a readily playable adventure, that can be completed in one session.

Do you want to play?  Comment below, please 😉

Work continues on preparing the text for the play testers.  Due to availability of art for the Rose of Relange RPG at this time, our play testers will be making due with a limited amount of art.

This is a bit disappointing to me, but I'm looking at it as an opportunity to see how well the "naked" game mechanics and material are accepted by the players and game masters.

Play testing is scheduled to begin in late June and July of 2017, so prep work on those play test documents is of high importance.

What has been done on that front?

Template characters for quick playable character creation has had a lot of attention.
For a sneak preview, I am including a brief glimpse into some of those templates (at this time a total of 20 templates are planned for the Rose of Relange RPG release).
Do note, that the game will include a custom character creation system.  The templates are their for players who are new to the game or who want to be able to pick up character and play very quickly.


Pirate:  A brigand of the high seas.  These characters can be as varied and as colorful as you might suppose.    Pirates are a danger on the high seas, and must be ready not only for their victims, but also to face the creatures of the deep.

Spirit speaker:  A psychic who has focused her psychic development to commune with the spirits and forces of nature.  Each of the tribes is blessed to have at least one of these talented folk in their numbers.

Brochelin Rochaelin:  Elven holy warriors.  These elves are members of a sacred order which dates back to the founding of the old Elven Empire.  Though the empire is but a shadow of its former self, these knights remain a brilliant reminder of the glory of the empire.

Gnome Warlord:  With a keen strategic mind, the ability to apply the right tactics, and a strength at arms that humbles the common soldier; the gnome warlord is an expert in war.  Leading her forces against monstrous enemies, the warlord may one day carve out her own domain and take the title of queen.

Wee Folk Summoner:  "They look down upon me as I am shorter.  They boot me from my path with their large muddy feet!  Then they pinched my cheeks!   Soon I shall call down upon them the demon's breath.  Let them tremble before the might of my minion!"  Consorting with powers beyond this world, the summoner brings entities into the world to serve his whims and fuel his power.


Thank you joining me on my adventure, dear reader.

I hope you will join me next time.😉

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